Not entirely random quotes from Session 1

Thanks again for the following to board member Nancy Klingener. Photo by Curt Richter.

“The line between historical fiction and historical scholarship is not as hard and fast as we might think.”

–Eric Foner, Columbia history professor

“History is not and should not aspire to be a science.”
–Eric Foner

“You actually get a time and place if you get their jokes.”

–Jill Lepore, Harvard professor, New Yorker writer, and Red Sox fan

“History has so little inevitable about it.”
–David Levering Lewis, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner

“Truth is often stranger than fiction, but it’s worthwhile pursuing it. I don’t like arranging marriages for my historical characters.”

–Geraldine Brooks, Pulitzer Prize winner and KWLS keynote speaker

“Trouble is our subject matter and it’s never-ending.”
–Allan Gurganus, author of Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All

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