Session Two Begins Tonight

Session Two Begins Tonight

Adam Gopnik’s keynote address will kick off the second session of the 29th annual Key West Literary Seminar tonight at 7:45. If this second course of the Hungry Muse is half as good as the first, we’re in for a real treat. Here’s a few more pics from Session One:

The San Carlos Institute, 516 Duval St, where the Seminar takes place. Photo by Curt Richter.

Ruth Reichl, Jonathan Gold, and Frank Bruni discuss the art and craft of restaurant criticism. Photo by Nick Vagnoni.

Doug Mack and Ilana Schonfield enjoy a creation from mixmaster Jason Rowan of Embury Cocktails. Photo by Michael Blades.

Roy Blount Jr.. Photo by Michael Blades.

Bitters selection at one of Embury’s bars. Photo by Michael Blades.

Judith Jones, Diana Abu-Jaber, Julia Reed, and Madhur Jaffrey participate in a panel discussion: “Hungry for the Muse.”

The volunteer corps. Photo by Michael Blades.

Drawing from the front row. Who was making these drawings? We’d love to see more! Photo by Michael Blades.

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