The 38th Key West Literary Seminar is Underway!

The 38th Annual Key West Literary Seminar, “Reading Between the Lines: Sports and Literature”, is set to begin in just a few minutes at the San Carlos Institute with the John Hersey Memorial Address by Geoff Dyer. We’ll be posting coverage of Dyer’s keynote here tomorrow morning, along with a stream of images, audio recordings, and reportage from the event all weekend long. Follow along with us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and please join in the conversation using the hashtag #kwls

Other writers featured at the 2020 Seminar include Megan Abbot, Amy Bass, Buzz Bissinger, Daniel James Brown, Analise Chen, Billy Collins, Geoff Dyer, Paul Goldberger, Gish Jen, Jane Leavy, David Maraniss, Ben McGrath, Michael Mewshaw, Emily Nemens, Joyce Carol Oates, Rowan Ricardo Phillips, Arnold Rampersad, Leanne Shapton, Lionel Shriver, Louisa Thomas, Kate Tuttle, and Kevin Young.

As always, Sunday afternoon’s session is free and open to the public, kicking off a daily series of free programs that runs through Wednesday, January 15, 2020.

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