Word & Image: Final Chapter, Day 1 & 2

Elizabeth George: “I write about the dark to make sense of things. I look for answers to the whys of life in its most extreme moments.” Photo by Nick Doll.
John Banville, aka Benjamin Black: “There are just good books and books that are not so good. If I had my way, bookstores would be ordered completely alphabetically. There would be no crime section, no literary fiction section.”
Lee Child: “Something hardwired in the human brain loves fear, danger, and peril, especially when we know it will all work out OK.” Photo by Nick Doll.
Lisa Unger: “Darkness is everywhere if you’re looking for it. And I’m definitely looking for it.” Photo by Nick Doll.
Percival Everett: “Starting to write a novel is like knowingly entering a bad marriage. I try to make myself smarter by writing my novels.” Photo by Nick Doll.

Otto Penzler, founder of the Mysterious Press and New York’s Mysterious Bookshop talked about his “life of crime.” Photo by Nick Doll.

Malla Nunn: Photo by Nick Doll.

Michael Connelly and Alafair Burke joined Michael Koryta for a panel discussion about the creative process. Photo by Nick Doll.
Laughter in the crowd. Photo by Nick Doll.
Elizabeth George and Sara Gran. Photo by Nick Doll.
Otto Penzler and Thomas H. Cook at a book signing in the San Carlos Institute. Photo by Nick Doll.
Lewis Weinstein poses a question to Elizabeth George from the audience. Photo by Nick Doll.
Laughter on the dark side. Photo by Nick Doll.
Lyndsay Faye, Sara Gran, Elizabeth George, and Gabriel Lehrer at the opening night party at the John James Audubon House.

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