Did Gore Vidal father a Conch love-child?

Gore Vidal ca. 1945. Photo by Carl Van Vechten

“Possibly,” he says, in this recent interview from The Independent.
Will they re-unite this January, when Vidal joins us for Historical Fiction and The Search for Truth? It seems, well, unlikely:

“There are rumours that you have a daughter from a relationship with a woman living in Key West, Florida [in the 1950s]; are they true?”

“Possibly. I don’t believe so. The father was either me or a German photographer. I believe the mother is dead. The child was a girl. Every Christmas, I would receive a picture of them all around the tree, and there’s the little girl, looking like me. I could have a daughter, yes.”

“Have you tried to contact her?”

“No. Why would I?”

“Because you might have a sense of responsibility, which, in the age of DNA…”

“I sent her mother money for an abortion. Which she used to go to Detroit, where she found a rich man.”

2 thoughts on “Did Gore Vidal father a Conch love-child?

  1. Sam G. Dickson says:

    Gore Vidal is someone whose essays I really admire. I have wanted to meet him or hear him for decades. Does anyone know where and when he will be speaking in Key West and whether it is possible to buy a ticket? I would pay $1,000 to meet him.

  2. Arlo Haskell says:

    Gore Vidal will be appearing during the first session of the Seminar which, alas, is sold out. However, there are often cancellations, and we expect a spot or two will become available. Email us at [email protected] to add your name to a waiting list; or call 888-293-9291

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