Happy Birthday, Tennessee Williams

Happy Birthday, Tennessee Williams

The Australian Pines at Ft. Zachary Taylor, Key West. Photo by onwatersedge.

Tennessee Williams would turn 100 this weekend, were he still with us. A happy birthday to his memory, with thanks to the good people at saveourpines.com for passing along the following from a 1953 letter to Maria St. Just née Britneva:

“A few last golden days in the Key West studio! It is so lovely! A sky-light with delicate bamboo curtain, palms, banana trees and fern-like Australian pines through the windows in all four walls, a Japanese lantern over my head with glass-pendants that tinkle in the constant trade-winds, a silver ice-bucket, gin, and oranges for pauses in occupation. Wonderful sounds, the palms and banana trees make, like ladies running barefooted in silk skirts downstairs, a constant flickering of light and shadow, a table that’s five feet long, theatrical posters stuck all over the lemon yellow walls, my own bathroom, a comfortable little bed, driftwood, a fan that belonged to Hart Crane, shells, solitude, peace!”

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