Uncovered: Hemingway, Williams, Frost pics

We’ve just come across a remarkable set of photographs. Donated by the Campbell, Poirier, and Pound families to the Monroe County Public Library, the Heritage House Collection contains more than 400 images of Key West from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. Of greatest interest to us is a handful of images illustrating Key West’s literary history. We believe these images–of Tennessee Williams, Robert Frost, and the home of Ernest Hemingway–have not been widely seen or published until now.

The Hemingway House when it was still Ernest Hemingway's home, circa 1934. This is one of hundreds of photos that were collected by the WPA in Key West in the 1930s. The collection has perhaps a dozen shots of Hemingway's house, before it had a pool or a wall around the property; some were taken from the lighthouse across the street, providing a unique view of Hemingway's immediate neighborhood.
Tennessee Williams
Tennessee Williams, pre- or post-swim. This photo likely taken in January 1947, when Tennessee visited Key West with his 89-year-old grandfather Walter Edwin Dakin and stayed at the La Concha Hotel. Another photo from the collection shows Dakin in what appears to be a Key West backyard.

Robert Frost in Key West
Robert Frost with Jessie Porter, an unidentified woman, and dogs at Porter's Key West home. Undated.

Tennessee Williams
Another shot of Tennessee Williams, circa 1947. At right is Jessie Porter.
Ernest Hemingway's house in Key West, circa 1934
Hemingway's house, from the top of the lighthouse across Whitehead Street. Circa 1934.

4 thoughts on “Uncovered: Hemingway, Williams, Frost pics

  1. I think the unidentified lady with Jessie Porter and Robert Frost is Frances Wolfson wife of Mitchell Wolfson, a Key West native. I remember going to her house in 1972, when Wolfson Place was being dedicated. She was quite a lady, and very funny.

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