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Adventure, Travel, and Discovery - January 2006 Key West Literary Seminar

Lawrence Millman
Adventure, Travel, and Discovery - January 2006 Key West Literary Seminar

Lawrence Millman
Lawrence Millman is the author of eleven books, including Our Like Will Not Be There Again, Northern Latitudes, Last Places, An Evening Among Headhunters, A Kayak Full of Ghosts, and Lost in the Arctic. His books have been translated into, among other languages, Dutch, Polish, Icelandic, and Finnish. He has made 30 trips and expeditions to the Arctic and Subarctic, discovered a previously unknown lake in Borneo, and is a Fellow of the Explorers Club. Best of all, perhaps, he has a mountain named after him outside Angmagssalik, East Greenland.

When not on the road, he lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. "On the road," for Millman, usually means off it—preferably a destination difficult of access and unknown to almost everyone else. Much of the time it also means somewhere in the North. He has made twelve trips to Arctic Canada, nine trips to Greenland, six to Labrador, and six to Iceland. In fact, he sleeps with his head pointing north. For he feels the only way he can get a good night's rest is to align himself with the magnetic north pole and allow currents flowing from it to pass through his body and out his feet. He says any other point of the compass would result in insomnia and likewise give his system a rude geographical shock! He writes stylish, often wildly amusing tales of remote places and offbeat characters (from the South Pacific islands of Yap to eccentric author and explorer Hassoldt Davis, a literary man-of-action whose many brushes with death including being paralyzed by an African sorcerer). He specializes in unsolved mysteries (what really happened to the great explorer Henry Hudson after his men mutinied and cast him off in an open boat?) and odd myths. And he is not immune to misadventures of his own, often landing in extremely uncomfortable or dangerous situations in his pursuit of new—and sometimes very, very old—places, cultures, and experiences.

"Millman's a genius."
       —Annie Dillard
"He is that rare traveler—a person with guts and a sense of humor. He is also a wonderful writer."
       —Paul Theroux

Read more at www.brooklinebooks.com/lumen/nonfic/head.htm
and at www.ric.edu/rpotter/millman_interv.html

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