Coverage of the 2010 Seminar: "Clearing the Sill of the World: A Celebration of 60 Years of American Poetry"

John Hersey Memorial Address: Robert Pinsky
Presenters: Todd Boss, Robert Casper, Billy Collins, Kirby Congdon, Erica Dawson, Rita Dove, Rhina P. Espaillat, Rachel Hadas, Matthea Harvey, Jane Hirshfield, Yusef Komunyakaa, Maxine Kumin, Paul Muldoon, Robert Pinsky, Kay Ryan, Harvey Shapiro, Timothy Steele, Mark Strand, James Tate, Natasha Trethewey, and Richard Wilbur. Writers’ Workshop Faculty: Todd Boss, Billy Collins, Jane Hirshfield, Yusef Komunyakaa, E.J. Miller Laino, Valerie Martin, and Dara Wier.

One more look @ the 28th annual Key West Literary Seminar

Photo-caption highlights from "Clearing the Sill of the World," the 28th annual Key West Literary Seminar. An extraordinary literary event, which brought together seven U.S. Poets Laureate, as many winners of the Pulitzer Prize, up-and-coming poetic talents, and a truly remarkable audience of readers, writers, teachers, and poetry lovers of all stripe.

From the Curt Richter Studio @ KWLS 2010

Photographer Curt Richter partnered with the Key West Literary Seminar for the third consecutive year to continue work on his series of portraits of American writers. This is a sampling of the work Richter created.

Seminar Concludes with ‘The Necessity Of Poetry’

photo by Nick Vagnoni The final day of the 28th Annual Key West Literary Seminar concluded with a panel discussion led by Timothy Steele on “the necessity of poetry.” Panelists Erica Dawson, Rhina Espaillat, Rachel Hadas, Yusef Komunyakaa, and Natasha Tretheway were in accord regarding its essential nature. Poetry is …Read More

Clearing The Sill Of The World: Richard Wilbur Reads

photo by Curt Richter The John Malcolm Brinnin Memorial Event commanded a full house at the San Carlos Institute last night to pay tribute to Richard Wilbur, in whose honor this year’s Seminar is being held. The evening began with a performance of two songs from the Broadway musical “Candide” …Read More

Billy Collins On Poets And Readers

Billy Collins spoke this morning on the relationship between poet and reader. This relationship is intimate and one that Collins is acutely aware of when writing. The maximum occupancy for a lyrical poem, Collins said, is two, the poet and the reader.   He divided contemporary poetry into two camps. …Read More

Timothy Steele On The Pleasures Of Metrical Writing

photo by Sharon McGauley Timothy Steele gave a talk yesterday on the pleasures of metrical writing. This was a topic that many of the poets touched on throughout the day in their readings and panel discussions. In fact, Rhina Espaillat quipped that she invented meter as a schoolgirl when she …Read More

Images From Opening Night

Robert Pinsky and Richard Wilbur in the lobby of the San Carlos Institute. Robert Pinksy giving the John Hersey Memorial Address on modernism and memory. Kay Ryan and Robert Pinsky in the lobby of the San Carlos Institute. Photos by Curt Richter.

Robert Pinsky Opens 28th Annual Seminar

photo by Curt Richter Thou wast not born for death, immortal Bird! No hungry generations tread thee down   The 28th Annual Key West Literary Seminar got under way last night with the John Hersey Memorial Address by poet Robert Pinsky. After a warm introduction and greeting by president of …Read More

Day 1 of the 28th Key West Literary Seminar

After the long trip to Key West, the audience for the 28th annual Key West Literary Seminar settles in to the San Carlos for the afternoon registration. Long-time volunteer Eloise Pratt again helped out at the registration tables. Here, Eloise models a vintage 1989 KWLS sweatshirt. Photos by Curt Richter

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