Coverage of the 2012 Seminar: "Yet Another World: Literature of the Future"

John Hersey Memorial Address: Douglas Coupland and William Gibson
Presenters: Margaret Atwood, Billy Collins, Douglas Coupland, Michael Cunningham, Jennifer Egan, Rivka Galchen, William Gibson, James Gleick, Robert Krulwich, Jonathan Lethem, Janna Levin, Valerie Martin, China Miéville, Joyce Carol Oates, Dexter Palmer, George Saunders, Gary Shteyngart, James Tate, Colson Whitehead, and Charles Yu. Writers’ Workshop Faculty: Paulette Bates Alden, Margaret Atwood, Billy Collins, Valerie Martin, Mary Morris, Lee Smith, Robert Stone, and Dara Wier.

Another look at “Yet Another World”

What else is there to say? “Yet Another World” was one heck of a ride. As we move into the balmy days of February (warmest winter here in years), we pause to take a last look back. Be sure to visit our audio archive, where there’s lots of aural to …Read More

Fab Five

James Gleick, Jonathan Lethem, Charles Yu, William Gibson, and Janna Levin in Key West for "Yet Another World," the 30th annual Key West Literary Seminar. Photo by Nick Doll.


Photos by Nick Doll from the first 24 hours of “Yet Another World.”

Yet Another World Underway

The 30th annual Key West Literary Seminar kicked off last night with a rich and thoughtful conversation between Douglas Coupland and William Gibson. Topics discussed included the geek rapture, Japanese blue jeans, and what Coupland termed Doug’s Law: “You can have information or you can have a life. But you …Read More

Curt Richter returns w/ machine to stop Time

Helsinki-based American photographer Curt Richter is attending “Yet Another World” and will continue his remarkable series of portraits of writers. Richter is a former Guggenheim Fellow and author of the National Endowment for the Arts-sponsored touring collection “A Portrait of Southern Writers.” Four of his portraits were just acquired by …Read More

Mathematics is a kind of Poetry
a conversation with James Gleick

Our leading chronicler of modern technology discusses his taste in fiction, the difference (or lack thereof) between artist and scientist, interconnections between humanity and technology, and the possibility of delivering lunch as an email attachment.

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