Books in the Palm Garden

Palm Garden Book Sale
Books and books and books and books

Among our favorite regular events in Key West is the book sale put on by the Friends of the Key West Library, each month “in season,” as we say, or roughly from December through April. Each sale takes place in the open air of the palm garden adjacent to the public library at 700 Fleming St.

The first book sale of this season takes place this Saturday, December 3, from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm in the palm garden. From past experience, we can tell you: the first sale is the best sale. All of the good stuff that piled up all summer in donations to the library is there, ripe for the picking. Last year we walked with first-edition hardcovers by James Merrill, for a song.

Most books are priced at a dollar or less. “Almost-new specials”, i.e., recently published books in particularly good condition, go for three dollars. Proceeds go toward supporting library programs and purchasing books and equipment.

The schedule for this season’s five book sales is here.

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