From the Nets

Turtle excluder used in the Gulf shrimp fishery. NOAA Fisheries Collection.

Today’s fresh catch from around the web:

•  Ruth Reichl’s salt-crusted chickens and roast pig – “the most magical night of my life.”

•  Frank Bruni’s guide to midrange eating in out-of-the-way Rome. Plus, drinking while taking a little off the top.

•  Jonathan Gold, tastemaker: “If the dilution is correct and it has the proper chill, it almost doesn’t matter what’s in it.”

•  John T. Edge eats canvasback ducks with Mark Twain and tracks Lowcountry cuisine’s working-class roots in North Charleston.

•  Sugar Cane and Shortstops – the Times on Mark Kurlansky’s new book about that other American pastime.

•  Martha Stewart, meet David Mas Masumoto. Mr. Mas Masumoto, meet Martha.

Join all of the above (sans Ms. Stewart) in Key West this January for The Hungry Muse: An Exploration of Food in Literature.

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