Merrill Award Receives Major Funding Boost

As we prepare to announce the winners of our 2013-14 Awards for Emerging Writers, we are honored to acknowledge a major contribution that immediately places our scholarship program on more secure financial footings. Thanks to an extraordinary gift from the Dogwood Foundation, the Scotti Merrill Award is now the beneficiary of an endowment designed to support it in perpetuity. Conceived of by local Dogwood trustee Holly Merrill, the endowment virtually guarantees our ability to continue to administer a prize that has become her mother’s lasting legacy to arts and education.

Since its establishment by Dogwood several years ago, the Scotti Merrill Award has recognized poets including Brynn Saito, Diana Khoi Nguyen, and Scott Brennan, and has become a linchpin of our efforts to  promote the work of new voices in American literature. As a fully endowed award, it will have strengthen our ability to attract the best up-and-coming writers in the country and to reward the most deserving among them with an opportunity that can enliven and enrich literary culture for all of us.

Stay tuned for today’s announcement of the winners of this year’s awards for emerging writers.

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