Scholarship for Teachers, Librarians, Writers

Scholarship for Teachers, Librarians, Writers

Harris Elementary School, Key West, 1962-1963. Monroe County Public Library collection.

Do you know a teacher or librarian? How about a talented up-and-coming writer? To show our support for these passionate individuals, we’ve completely updated our Scholarship Program and streamlined the application process.

KWLS now provides ten national scholarships for teachers and librarians who wish to attend our annual Seminar. We offer Financial Assistance for up to twenty-five participants in our Writers’ Workshop Program. And we continue to present three annual Emerging Writer Awards. We’ve also stepped up our financial assistance program with work-study opportunities, and we’ve renewed our commitment to provide support for lodging expenses to those who may not otherwise be able to attend. Click the links below for a complete overview, as well as guidelines and applications for each opportunity.

Scholarship Program Overview
Teachers and Librarians Scholarships
Financial Assistance
Emerging Writer Awards

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