Slip into Poetry

Poetry_banana_march_w.jpgThe March issue of Poetry is out. On the cover is a banana peel, not unlike that vaudevillean trope we appropriated for our 2005 Humor! Seminar. Also on the cover, the name of Terrance Hayes, who presented at this year’s Seminar, New Voices. Peel it open, and find five new poems and a brief interview with Terrance. If you haven’t checked out the website of the Poetry Foundation (publishers of Poetry) yet, do yourself a solid and go there now. The site is just part of what they’ve done with the $100 million given them by Ruth Lilly in 2002, and is loaded with more-or-less easily searchable content. For starters, while you’re waiting for our own podcast of Terrance Hayes’s reading, pour two and listen to his Poetry reading of “Cocktails with Orpheus.” We can also recommend their
archives for beautiful slideshows of early editions of the magazine featuring the work of such great poets (and KWLS alum) as Robert Creeley and John Ashbery. This is one of our favorite literary websites, and one we’ll be paying attention to as we expand our own audio and visual offerings. $100 million, anyone?

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