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Lynne Reeves Griffin

The Writer's Toolkit (afternoon sessions)


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Author Lynne Reeves Griffin will lead three optional add-on workshop sessions called “The Writer’s Toolkit,” which will be held Tuesday January 11, Wednesday January 12, and Thursday January 13 from 2:30–4 pm. These sessions are designed to help fiction and nonfiction writers of all levels with self-promotion, book marketing, career development, and media interaction.

The Toolkit costs $75 per class or $200 for all three. Register separately for one or two sessions below or here for all three. Registration is limited to 30 students per class and is open now.

All sessions are VIRTUAL and suitable for writers in any genre, from beginner to advanced. Please contact with any questions.


Session 1 – Your Path to Publication: Finding the Right Home for Your Work
The book publishing landscape is ever-changing and not all books are suited to being published traditionally or to be self-published. There is no one path or publishing service that’s right for every writer or every book. In this session, you’ll come to understand the variety of publishing paths available to you. We’ll be discussing how to make decisions about publication based on your long-term career goals, as well as the unique qualities of your work-in-progress. You will leave the session with a framework to help you be strategic about submitting your writing.

Register here for Session 1. Tuesday, January 11, 2:30–4 pm, VIRTUAL

Session 2 – Every Book Needs A Hook: Describing Your Work to Gain Reader Attention
In this interactive session, we will discuss how to talk about your work in order to achieve a specific goal such as compelling an agent to ask for pages, grabbing a publisher’s and/or reader’s interest, or even knowing which media might be interested in your writing. Using various examples of marketing language, we’ll analyze how to engage agents, editors, and/or readers and raise awareness of your work. We’ll brainstorm your writing’s core themes and do helpful exercises, including working on how to craft your all-important “one-liner.” This session is a great follow-up to the first toolkit.

Register here for Session 2. Wednesday, January 12, 2:30–4 pm, VIRTUAL

Session 3 – Never Too Soon: Building an Authentic Platform So You Can Reach Readers

It isn’t uncommon for a writer to land a publishing contract or launch a self-published title and then ask the question: what do I do now? In this interactive session, you’ll learn why it’s critical to begin building your platform while you’re writing your book, and how to do it in a way that best suits you and your work. You’ll come to understand what “platform” actually means and why it’s indispensable. It’s never too early to engage with the kinds of readers who will eventually be interested in buying your book and spreading the word about your work. Through various activities, you’ll explore where to find your readers and you’ll leave the session with a game plan aimed at facilitating your book’s discovery.

Register here for Session 3. Thursday, January 13, 2:30–4 pm, VIRTUAL



Lynne Reeves Griffin is an internationally recognized family counselor, public speaker, teacher, and writer of fiction and nonfiction. Her work has appeared in ParentsPsychology TodaySolstice Literary MagazineChautauqua JournalCraft LiteraryFiction Writers Review; and Brain, Child Magazine; among others.

Writing as Lynne Griffin, she is the author of the novels Life Without SummerSea Escape, and Girl Sent Away. She writes novels of domestic suspense as Lynne Reeves with The Dangers of an Ordinary Night, available now, and Dark Rivers to Cross, to be published in 2022.

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